Recruiting Video

Times are changing and so is the world of recruiting. This is becoming a major tool for colleges.  More often than you would think, colleges are asking to see video footage of a player before they even go see them in action.

So why not take advantage of this time and make your own personal recruiting video now.

With MWCA, we can meet you to take film your workout or games to put footage together or you can send us what you have to put in our program and detail your best footage. We of course would get your final approval before we finalize to send to you.

Fill out the form to the right and let us know more about you so we can get you set up for the recruiting game!

Packages include:

Package 1: $75.00
Includes: Verbal Video Bio and a 1-3min Skill Video

Package 2: $125.00
Includes: Package 1 + 2 updates

Package 3: $175.00
Includes: Packages 1 & 2 + 3 updates

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